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Frequently Asked Questions


The world is having to adapt quickly as the Covid-19 pandemic has shed light on the need for effective, efficient, and prolific sanitary solutions in modern society. Viruses such as Covid-19 spread through the population gaining strength at a rapid pace and forming new strains and mutations which make them more and more difficult to combat using traditional methods. Chemicals such as alcohol or bleach may temporarily kill these pathogens however they return stronger and more resistant. Not only that, but these chemicals release toxic fumes which are dangerous and even deadly to humans, animals, and the environment. This is not a long term solution and has resulted in ‘super bugs’ which can now resist antibiotics and deadly flu strains that resist most vaccinations.

3P America’s 3P Certification program has taken a novel approach to this problem by proactively preventing the spread of contagions by means of sterilization. Our process treats against and neutralizes these pathogens by removing their ability to replicate. When they can’t replicate they can’t mutate and thus cannot proliferate. This is all accomplished using non-toxic, organic solutions that do not harm the environment and are safe to humans and animals.

Getting 3P Certified not only protects you and those around you but it helps to prevent the spread and potency of harmful viruses, mold, bacteria, alage, and fungi. Don’t reactively respond to the symptoms. Be proactive. Solve the problem. Get 3P Certified.


3P Certification treats against a myriad harmful pathogens including the Flu, Staph, Herpes, Salmonella, Black Mold, MRSA, MARS, SARS, Polio, H1N1, HIV, and Strep. You can find a list of contagions our service’s solution has been tested effective against by studies from the CDC HERE.


Yes we do!

In fact all of our services are fully documented in full 1080p HD video using tamper-proof police-grade body cameras worn by every service professional.

Yes it is.

We maintain full General Liability coverage and are fully licensed in all states in which we perform our services. All of our service professionals are insured and under workman’s comp and our equipment is insured. We also maintain a bond for our services.

Yes we can.

We are able to provide Disinfecting Agent and Usage reports for all services performed upon request. These reports are designed to cover any information required by Covid-19 compliance officers or regulators within your industry or locale.

Yes we do.

3P America makes every effort to stay up to date and follow CDC and WHO best practices and guidelines as they are issued. We strive to make sure our services and products stay up to date and in line with new studies and research as it is released and ensure that our clients are aware of them as well.

Yes it is.

Our client portal provides the ability to securely transfer sensitive documents and information between us and our clients. All of our clients have access to this service as well as our encrypted messaging and secure online payment system.



Most of our services are available nationwide within the contiguous United States! Our 3P Purge and Prevent services may not be available any certain areas. Please Contact Us regarding your compliance needs and we’ll do our best to make sure we get you what you need.

Yes we can!

3P America offers residential certification services that are able to certify homes for up to 90 days with a single treatment! Our residential certification plans are designed to be very affordable while offering maximum protection. In addition to quarterly treatments each occupant receives treated face masks as well as a 90 day supply of 8-hour sanitizer that is certified organic, non-toxic, and alcohol free!

Learn more about our 3P Residential Certification Program HERE.


3P America offers highly competitive rates for all of our services and offerings in addition to providing the most comprehensive treatment and protection program on the market. We provide free no-obligation custom quotes for all prospective clients so feel free to contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our service professionals!

CLICK HERE to schedule a free no-obligation consultation today!


We work with multi-location business owners to get them the best rate possible. Handling multiple locations at once reduces our internal costs and we’re more than happy to pass that savings on to our clients!

Yes we do.

We appreciate the great work Non-Profit organizations do for local communities and are actively willing to work with them to ensure they can run safely and efficiently during these times. If you need to get your NPO back up and running we’re more than happy to set up a free consultation to determine what we can do to make that happen!

3P Purge

Ultraviolet-C light waves are a form of radiation emitted by our sun which is mostly absorbed by the Earth’s ozone layer. Due to this, organisms on earth do not have a sensitivity to UV-C radiation and thus no defense mechanism to combat it. UV-C causes DNA to break down and ultimately deteriorate under direct line of sight which makes it extremely harmful to all living things. It has been used for decades in medical and research facilities as a way to sterilize and remove contagions without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Only in the hands of trained professionals.

UVC radiation is an extremely destructive force against living organisms. It can breakdown microbes, viruses, and bacteria in a matter of minutes reducing them to nothing more than neutral matter.

3P America has been able to harness the intense destructive power of UV-C radiation to safely eradicate contagions within a vicinity using state of the art technology and highly trained professionals via it’s Purge service.

Extremely effective. There is a lot of media out there disputing the efficacy of UV-C however the information is scattered and malformed and often based on snakeoil products. There are many UV-C products on the market which are mostly if not completely ineffective due to low output or minimal exposure. The general rule of thumb to go by is if the product says it’s safe to use without proper PPE gear, professional training, or remote control mechanisms (that prevent the user from experiencing direct exposure) then it is likely a junk product designed to scam buyers and capitalize on false claims.

3P America uses industrial grade high intensity UV-C systems that will sterilize an area within a 50ft direct-los radius in ~15 minutes. Make no mistake, 3P Purge will get the job done.

Far-UVC exists within the spectrum of UV-C light between 207-222nm.

Fairly recent developments in technologies emitting Far-UVC claim to safely eradicate viruses and bacteria without damaging humans. Unfortunately the science behind this is still new and highly disputed. Some studies show that low-dose continuous emissions of Far-UVC do not show any carcinogenic cell deterioration in mammals, including humans however this research is still in its infancy and there are no long term studies (as of Sept 2020) that can conclude no risk of negative side effects.

3P America is monitoring the research and technologies related to the use of Far-UVC to safely combat harmful pathogens and is looking forward to utilizing the technology once it is deemed conclusively safe to do so.

3P Prevent

The 3P Prevent service applies a non-toxic, antimicrobial, protective coating to treated surface areas that prevents future contaminants from binding or replicating. This coating has been shown to prevent replication and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that come into contact with treated surfaces. The solution has been extensively tested by the CDC and proven effective against a long list of contaminants.

Once applied, 3P Prevent’s service solution maintains efficacy for up to 90 days on treated surfaces depending on friction and surface. 3P America’s service professionals are able to provide client’s with information on the efficacy and duration of treatments customized to their facility during the initial free no-obligation consultation.

We use only top of the line electrostatic application systems that ionize the solution particles as they are applied and enforce an even distribution of the compound particulate across surfaces. In other words our devices ensure that every square inch of the surface is covered. Isn’t technology amazing?


3P Prevent’s service solution is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals or bleach. It is safe for humans and animals and is even classified as a mechanical kill device which makes it a much safer and proven solution to chemical kills.


3P Prevent’s service solution is safe around humans and animals. It contains no harmful chemicals and is even safe to use around food prep areas and electronics.

Yes it is.

3P Protect’s service solution has received multiple FDA Certifications and has even been EPA approved to combat Covid-19!

Absolutely and extensively.

Studies have been performed by the CDC, VantagePoint Labs, Liverpool University, and Texas A&M to extensively verify the above claims. 3P America uses only the top of the line non-toxic solutions for its services that are safe for the environment and proven effective.

3P Protect

Commonly used N95, KN95, or cloth masks sold today can become infected and then infect the wearer upon removal, or in some cases, have minimal to no effect on preventing transmission at all.

3P Protect custom branded masks protect the user from auto-infection of this sort by preventing localized infection due to their treated antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Even more, they can be branded with your business logo, design, or custom artwork to add a personalized flair!

Yes they can!

Our treated masks and hand towels can be machine washed and dried up to a dozen times before they begin to diminish their antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Luckily, 3P Certified clients are able to have their masks or towels retreated free of charge as part of their recurring 3P Certification plan to ensure maintained and lasting protection. How awesome is that?!


The sanitizer solution used in 3P America’s automated dispenser systems is completely non-toxic, non-alcoholic, and even certified organic!

Even better, the solution is odorless, doesn’t cause dryness, and only needs to be applied once every 8 hours!

Yes it does. Really.

Traditional hand sanitizers only last a few seconds, essentially killing off whatever is currently sitting on the surface level skin. Not only that but they often contain alcohol which can dry out your hands or harmful chemicals and occasionally foul odors. Even worse, you have to reapply them numerous times a day to even have a chance of reducing infection.

The solution used by 3P America conversely contains no alcohol, is non-toxic, odorless, organic, and lasts for a FULL 8 HOURS after a single application. For most, that is an entire work day. There’s really no reason to use the other stuff ever again…

Wash away. The solution used by 3P America will continue to protect. In fact we highly recommend maintaining regular sanitation procedures regardless of any other factors and washing your hands often. Our sanitizer will protect you from harmful microbes but it doesn’t remove dirt and grime! Stay clean and stay safe.

HVAC HEPA filters offered by 3P America are treated to have additional antiviral and antimicrobial properties above and beyond that of standard filters. We apply a thin layer of crystalized silica to the surface of filter threads that captures and neutralizes viruses, mold, fungi, algae, and bacteria as it passes through on air particles adding an extra layer of protection.

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