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What is a COVID Compliance Officer?

Author: Dr. Jennifer Hunnicutt

Businesses are finally opening up again in this post-pandemic world. Yet, larger-scale events and venues are still non-existent due to looming coronavirus concerns. Many were hopeful that 2021 would be a little less virtual, but events are still being cancelled or transitioned to online platforms.

A key role in the return to larger-scale events and gatherings will be the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.

What is the COVID-19 Compliance Officer?

The COVID-19 Compliance Officer is a trained professional who oversees, implements, and manages COVID-19 safety protocols at businesses or event venues. They are responsible for ensuring that employees and patrons are following all policies and procedures, in accordance with local and national health and safety orders.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of the COVID-19 Compliance Officer include but are not limited to:

Developing safety and sanitation protocols
Ensure social distancing is achievable in the planning and set-up of offices, event spaces, or large-scale venues
Perform sanitation services on a regular basis
Enforce policies and procedures related to the safeguarding of employees and patrons
Monitor entry points, egress, and highly-trafficked areas to ensure compliance
Training and educating workforce at venue or business
Provide usage reports, disinfecting agent test results, active ingredients and efficacy specifications, HD video documentation of each service, and resource documentation customized to your business or venue
Escalate issues to management regarding concerns or violations to compliance
Stay current on new developments and health orders from local and national authorities

3P America’s Service Professionals are COVID-19 Compliance Officers

At 3P America, all of our service professionals are trained COVID-19 Compliance Officers. In addition to extensive internal training on our 3-step 3P Certification Plan involving our state-of-the-art equipment and non-toxic solutions, our compliance officers undergo training courses through Health Education Services. COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training through Health Education Services includes thorough and comprehensive education on COVID-19, creating safety protocols, and managing and maintaining safety protocols.

Let us know if 3P America can provide COVID-19 Compliance Officers to help you establish the safest and most effective safety procedures at your event or venue. Get a free quote today.

About the Author: 

Dr. Jennifer Hunnicutt is a licensed athletic trainer with a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science. She has held prominent research positions at Emory University and the Medical University of South Carolina. Now the owner of Hunnicutt Writing and Consulting, LLC, Dr. Hunnicutt collaborates with global institutions, spearheading innovation and research among professionals and businesses.

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