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Compliance for Live Events

It’s time to charge forward and have Live Events again, but how do we do this safely? Further, how do we ensure that the Duty of Care to safeguard the health and safety of attendees, staff, talent, and all associated with the event will be established and maintained going forward?  The Covid Compliance for Live Events, presented by Health Education Services, is working to help solve this problem. 

There are many different types of live events, event staff, and local regulations.. This class illustrates compliance guidelines and safety practices to broadly speak to Live Events. It will offer CDC-based guidelines and practical strategies for how to work at and attend live events safely—from intimate coffeehouse performances, weddings, fashion shows, and experiential events to large concerts, sporting events, and festivals. 

This class outlines protocols necessary for venue staff, touring staff, vendors, talent, security, volunteers and others to pre-plan for and follow before and during Live Events including health screenings, social distancing parameters, proper PPE use and sanitization regulations. It will provide the tools and strategies for any level of pandemic compliance needed to meet local regulations

This class is 2 hours and is slated for June 24, starting at 2PM PDT (5PM EDT) 

About the Author: 

Dr. Jennifer Hunnicutt is a licensed athletic trainer with a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science. She has held prominent research positions at Emory University and the Medical University of South Carolina. Now the owner of Hunnicutt Writing and Consulting, LLC, Dr. Hunnicutt collaborates with global institutions, spearheading innovation and research among professionals and businesses.

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